EU 6 framework
FEMCIT explores the relationship between the changing forms  and practices of gendered citizenship in a multicultural Europe and the demands and practices of contemporary women’s movements. We are studying how citizenship is gendered, and how women, as ordinary citizens and activists, have been involved in challenging inequalities and injustice across Europe.

Project News

New FEMCIT article published in NORA Special Issue

A new article with the title “Gendered Citizenship in a Multi-Dimensional Perspective: The Challenges Facing Norway within the Nordic Model”


Research Updates
New article on Conceptualizing lived religious citizenship

FEMCIT researcher and the leader of the Work Package on Ethnic and Religious Citizenship, Line Nyhagen, recently published an article in the Journal "Citizenship Studies."


6_frameworkFEMCIT is funded by EU's Sixth Framework Programme Coordinated by the University of Bergen.