EU 6 framework
FEMCIT explores the relationship between the changing forms  and practices of gendered citizenship in a multicultural Europe and the demands and practices of contemporary women’s movements. We are studying how citizenship is gendered, and how women, as ordinary citizens and activists, have been involved in challenging inequalities and injustice across Europe.

Project News

New Book based on FEMCIT findings

A new Norwegian anthology with contributions based on the FEMCIT project has just been published: Krysningspunkter. Likestillingspolitikk i et flerkulturelt Norge (Intersections. Gender equality policies in a multicultural Norway), Beret Bråten and Cecilie Thun, eds. Oslo, Akademika forlag 2013.


Research Updates
New PhD thesis to be published in FEMCIT Book Series

Former FEMCIT-researcher, Trine Rogg Korsvik, recently defended her PhD thesis with the title:  'Pornograhy is the theory and rape is praxis': Women's struggle against rape and pornography in France and Norway ca. 1970-1985, at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo.


6_frameworkFEMCIT is funded by EU's Sixth Framework Programme Coordinated by the University of Bergen.